Manjiro and the Transformation of Japan

This past Thursday a few residents and I went and learned from Dr. Adam Stanley, and Dr. Amanda Tucker about the transformation of Japan into a global power during the Meiji restoration. We also learned about Helen Waddell, an author who wrote about Japan during the Meiji period.IMG_2449[1]


Golden Paddle Tournament Winner

Reid P. is the Golden Paddle Champion, he outplayed 12 contenders and worked his way to the top like a true survivor. We even got a few girls from second floor to take part in the games! We took up two nights down in the basement to get all of our games finished and the champion decided! We will be having a second Golden Paddle Tournament next semester!IMG_2442[1]


Friend-0 is a game we downloaded on our phones and the game is between two friends. One friend will get a question and they will answer it, then the other friend has to try and guess what the first friend chose. This is a fun game to get to learn about other residents on the wing by answering fun questions about each other and learning about the things we have in common.


Django Unchained

Tuesday night we watched the movie “Django Unchained” in my room from 8:00 – 11:00 PM. It is a three hour movie and covers issues of slavery and pre-Civil War southern America, especially Kentucky. We all enjoyed the movie and afterwards discussed the irrationality of slavery and how horrible it was for slaves and the affects that has on today. Overall a successful and fun movie night.

A&W Dinner

This Monday a few residents and I went to A&W for dinner and enjoyed a good time with the frothy root beer floats, tasty cheeseburgers, and fries. We enjoyed the old music and the atmosphere of the nice restaurant.

Who are you? Bulletin Board

There is a new bulletin board on the wing that has all different song titles that have the word “who” in them and the songs for the most part include finding yourself and staying true to who you are. Stop by and check out the songs and start jamming!IMG_2419[1].JPG

Where and What on Campus

Sometimes it is tricky to understand all the Acronyms we have for different organizations on campus. So there is now a bulletin board that not only has what those organizations are, but gives a detailed description of what they are useful for and where they are located here on campus. IMG_2404[1]

Burst Some Bubbles!

Are you stressed out? Then come to Brockert Hall 1 South and pop a few bubbles on the bulletin board right inside the door. It helps out a lot!IMG_2405[1]