Disc Golfing

A couple of residents and I went disc golfing friday because the weather was just to good not too.



Team Swish Kabobs

Team Swish Kabobs ended off the season with another great win and we ended 4-2 overall. It was a great season and we are looking forward to next years season.

Day Road Trip

A few residents and I drove to Johnson Creek to go to the Outlet Mall there for a fun day road trip. We also learned a lot about each other while driving there.

Day on the Farm

This past saturday, March 17, some residents went with me to Johnson Family Farms and learned about the occupation of farming from my Dad and they got a tour. They got to look at all the tractors and all the different types of feed we feed the cows. They also learned about some jobs on the farm. They got to see a lot of cattle and spend some time playing with the farm dog, Maverick. It was a lot of fun and they learned alot.

Team Swish-Kabobs

Team Swish-Kabobs pulled off a win this week to improve to 3-2 and we won by 20 points. It was a good moral builder for the team! We have one more game to play this season. Go Swish-Kabobs!IMG_2512

Circle Olympics

Josh and Will played some great basketball this past Saturday night and placed second in the tournament for Brockert Hall. Good job to show up and represent boys!


If you need to look at something that will cheer you up, go ahead and check out all the adorable puppies by the mirror.


Women’s History Month

Stop by the bulletin board near rooms 116 and 117 to brush up on some Women’s history and find out a few important women in history and the impact they have had on the world.