Football vs. 3 South!

We played a fun game of football vs. the third floor after ! Unfortunately we did not win, but we still had a great time. Also we got the opportunity to teach Simon from 3rd floor the sport of Football and he played his first game with us! Overall we had a lot of fun and look forward to playing again!IMG_2298[1]


Glow Campus!

Sorry for the delay in posting this! A group of us from 1 South went to Glow Campus and enjoyed the performers and music and crazy lights. We did take a video of us dancing, but unfortunately I could not upload the video, which is also why it took me awhile to post this! We also got to participate in the Ball Drop but only a few of us actually got bouncy balls. Overall it was a great time! Here there is a picture of Scott and Solomon and Keaton.

Basketball Afternoon!

Last Saturday, the 9th of September, 6 of us guys from 1 South went to the Pioneer Activity Center and played basketball. At first we played a couple of half-court games amongst ourselves. But then a few other guys that were at the gym asked to play with us and we ended up playing teams of 5 and full court. It was a lot of fun and we were all pretty tired by the end of the afternoon! Here we have pictures of Keaton’s jump shot.

Sleep Bulletin Board

As we return back into our college schedules of class, homework, and spending time with friends, it’s important to keep track of your sleep! So there is a bulletin board on the importance of sleep and the negative effects not getting sleep can get! It’s important to maintain a healthy sleep schedule, especially with the upcoming cold and flu season and winter peaking around the corner! Please take a moment to read the bulletin board and learn a few sleeping pointers!


Brockert Hall 1 South took Play Fair by storm and we played in all the fun events Brian had for us. We enjoyed getting to know other freshman and creating secret handshakes with each other. We also played a game with everyone who shared a birthday and we each sat on someone’s knee, while someone sat on your knee, after that we answered series of questions by running across a circle and high-fiving someone else before getting to the other side. Overall it was a fun night and we had a great time, sadly it had to be cut short due to the lightening storm, but that didn’t ruin our fun!

Frogs and Fire

Ricky, Danton, and I went to the staff biology night where John Peterson talked about frogs. We saw a couple of different frogs. We heard the calls of frogs and stood by the fire. Overall, it was a great time. 


How much salt should I eat? What foods have salt? How much salt is that lady holding?! All the questions About salt! Enjoy!

Be Awesome!

Ever wondered the secret to being awesome?.. Well I might not have all of the answers but just know you are awesome. Remind yourself you are an awesome person!