Roommate Pizza!

This week on 1 South, we had a fun program downstairs in the kitchen and KCMR where residents made their own pizza with their room mate! Together they both made a pizza that they would both enjoy and while waiting for the pizza to be done, played board games with the other residents! It was a lot of fun to watch them make their pizza and see the fun that they were having. With the pizza though, there was a little twist. In the kitchen, hanging up on the cupboards, there were sheets that had 4 different colors on them. Orange, Green, Blue, and Gold. Each color represents a different personality type. While they were making their pizza, I had each resident write down their name to what color they best fell under. I then talked with the residents while eating how important it is to recognize that not all people are the same and how even within their own rooms some may have different ways of doing the same things. A lot of the residents learned a little bit more about their room mates along with a little bit more about themselves. It was a fun time and everyone loved the pizza!


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