Boxes and Walls!

On Thursday, January 21st, the Department of Residence Life presented a program for the University. The program is called Boxes and Walls: The Oppression Experience. This event is a walking museum that students and residents can walk through and experience the different types of social issues and conflicts that are happening in the world around us. The topic can be very moving and emotional and are supposed to make you take a step back and think about what is happening around you. A few residents of mine came with me to the event and walked through the entire museum for about an hour. It was very moving and emotional for not just me but those that had come with. After the event, we discussed on what touched us the most and what we learned from the experience. Over all my residents and I were very impressed with the overall work that was put into the event. Hopefully when it is shown again, I can have more residents join in the experience!


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