Healthy Relationships

With April being Sexual Assault Awareness month, students of UW-Platteville should be looking towards healthy and safe relationships to avoid such harsh actions. Brandon Johnson, an RA on 4 South brought in a guest, Professor Hombs, to talk about healthy relationships and what the different signs are for noticing them. Over all, Hombs talked about the Unhealthy Wheel, where different types of assault; verbal, possessive, physical, etc., can lead to others. Professor Hombs was also nice enough to let us take a quiz to find out our love language. A love language is a certain way that a person express their feelings and emotions, usually in a relationship. If you click on this link, you too can find out what your love language is. Remember that not everyone communicates the same, so finding what works best for your friends, family and significant other can make your connection with them stronger!


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