Frogs and Fire

Ricky, Danton, and I went to the staff biology night where John Peterson talked about frogs. We saw a couple of different frogs. We heard the calls of frogs and stood by the fire. Overall, it was a great time. 


Equality LGBTQ

Learn more about the LGBTQ community and how to become an ALLY.


How much salt should I eat? What foods have salt? How much salt is that lady holding?! All the questions About salt! Enjoy!

Be Awesome!

Ever wondered the secret to being awesome?.. Well I might not have all of the answers but just know you are awesome. Remind yourself you are an awesome person!


Bowling was a great time the Monday before spring break! Pizza was ate, balls were bowled! Shoutout to the 1 South crew who came!

Keep talking and nobody explodes!

This game will challenge your patience, ability to think fast, and memory. You work in teams of two people. One person looks at a bomb on the computer screen with a set of puzzles that need to be solved. That person describes what is seen while the other person has a book with a set of guidelines on how the solve the puzzles. The two have to communicate effectively in order to solve the puzzle in time.

Canvas Painting

Great job to Garrett and Sean for making amazing canvases! They are true Bob Ross progenies. The painting was relaxing and stress freeing. 

Vertical Jump Park

The trampoline park was a blast! Dodgeball was lit! There was a rock climbing wall and an obstacle course. A couple of us almost made it to the end but our forearms were to sore. After the park we ate dinner at the classiest place in Dubuque, Buffalo Wild Wings. Thanks everyone for coming we should do this again!

Know your puzzles

Ted talk riddles are a great way to expand your logical skills. A group late night on Wednesday tried to solve some of the riddles or logic puzzles! Thanks to everyone who was adventurous enough to participate!