November Door Decorations

To help welcome back my residents from Thanksgiving Break, I had door decorations waiting for them on their door to help welcome them back! Hopefully these Pilgrim hat door decs helped them feel welcomed!


Holiday Door Decorating Contest

For the past two weeks, the wing had a Holiday Door Decorating Contest! Residents were challenged to create a door that had to do with the holiday season! Residents who participated were put into a poll for people to vote on a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Winners of the contest will win a pizza for each room! Hopefully this activity challenged the residents to think about what they thought the holidays meant to them!

RA Info Night

To help out our fellow residents learn more about the RA job, a selection of our staff was invited downstairs to talk about our experiences and how residents can become a RA. It was interesting to see the awesome amount that came down to the information night! I hope that we were helpful for all those that were interested!

LGBTQ and A!

With the help of Brandon Johnson, a RA on 4 South, Brockert Hall was able to bring in a speaker from the Doyle Center to help talk about the LGBTQ community and any questions anyone had. Clare Forstie was a great speaker and answered many questions that the group had. In all, we had a big group down there and I was able to bring down residents of my own. Clare was very helpful in the information that she gave and was really responsive with discussion that we had as a group.

1st Floor Thanksgiving!

Before our Thanksgiving break, the 1st floor of Brockert Hall decided to put on a Thanksgiving potluck! It was a lot of fun and many good dishes were brought down to the KCMR for dinner! Everyone seemed like they had a great time and working with my fellow floor buddy Katie was a lot of fun!

Late night walk!

I asked around the wing last night wondering if anyone wanted to go on a walk with me. I needed to get in my 10000 steps and I was just short of it that night. I had three wonderful residents come with me in the moments that it wasn’t raining to get the last of my steps in. It was nice to catch up and have a relaxing walk!

Roommate Pizza!

This week on 1 South, we had a fun program downstairs in the kitchen and KCMR where residents made their own pizza with their room mate! Together they both made a pizza that they would both enjoy and while waiting for the pizza to be done, played board games with the other residents! It was a lot of fun to watch them make their pizza and see the fun that they were having. With the pizza though, there was a little twist. In the kitchen, hanging up on the cupboards, there were sheets that had 4 different colors on them. Orange, Green, Blue, and Gold. Each color represents a different personality type. While they were making their pizza, I had each resident write down their name to what color they best fell under. I then talked with the residents while eating how important it is to recognize that not all people are the same and how even within their own rooms some may have different ways of doing the same things. A lot of the residents learned a little bit more about their room mates along with a little bit more about themselves. It was a fun time and everyone loved the pizza!

How to be a Gentleman!

This bulletin board is a fun and interesting way of pointing out the many traits of a gentleman. Here on 1 South, we strive to be a safe and inclusive community that knows how to respect one another. This board is just a helpful reminder to how we should treat other people and how one can achieve to be a true gentleman. There are other tips on this board too when it comes to dressing professionally and figuring out what you want to be. It’s a fun board that many residents have stopped to look at. Hopefully it is helpful towards my residents and the wing as a whole.

Door Winner!!!

Congratulations to room 116 for their entry in the door decoration contest!!! You are the winner of the contest! Please come and talk to your fellow RA to get your prize! Once again, congratulations!!!!

Door Decorating!!!

Hello Everyone!!!! The moment you all have been waiting for is here!!! The pictures of the rooms that participated in the door decoration contest for Halloween are up!!! Please look at the following pictures and put your vote in for which one you think is the best! The winner will be announced on November 5th so get your votes in before it’s too late!!!!