Look at these awesome things!!! I hope you all l enjoy them!  



Coming Soon!

Hey everyone! This is what is on the design space on my computer…I’m sure you can guess what these are! Get ready!!!

League of Legends

This past Thursday, some residents and I got a team together and played League of Legends for a while. It was nice to take a break from school work for awhile and spend some time with them. Hopefully there is more of this free time in the near future!

Express yourself!!!

Need to get a little stress out? Come on over and take a look at our adult coloring board! Fun shapes and a lot of colors! Have fun!!!

Snow Day!

To enjoy the fresh snow on the ground, residents of 1 South went outside to build snowmen and overall have some fun! It was a great time and can’t wait for the next snowstorm this winter season!


The Return of Dad’s Fridge!

It’s back everybody!!! To help promote good grades and recognition for those trying hard in class, I have put back up the Dad Fridge! If you have anything you would like to show off, bring it to me and I will put it up to show off your awesomeness!

Fighting those Winter Blues!

To help fight those seasonal blues, take a look at this bulletin board! Don’t forget that with the cold weather, some cold feelings may come along with it. Remember to eat healthy and to stay active! Have great winter!!

Bridgeway Dinner!

After a long week of classes, residents and I got to sit down and eat a meal together! We were even able to have dinner with our wonderful SA and some residents who lived on our wing in the past! It overall was a great time!

Boxes and Walls!

On Thursday, January 21st, the Department of Residence Life presented a program for the University. The program is called Boxes and Walls: The Oppression Experience. This event is a walking museum that students and residents can walk through and experience the different types of social issues and conflicts that are happening in the world around us. The topic can be very moving and emotional and are supposed to make you take a step back and think about what is happening around you. A few residents of mine came with me to the event and walked through the entire museum for about an hour. It was very moving and emotional for not just me but those that had come with. After the event, we discussed on what touched us the most and what we learned from the experience. Over all my residents and I were very impressed with the overall work that was put into the event. Hopefully when it is shown again, I can have more residents join in the experience!