Glow in the Dark Ultimate Frisbee

On October 18th, 1 south went out into the circle after attending hall council and played ultimate Frisbee in the dark with a light up Frisbee. It was pretty cool because it had different light modes, so it could flash, or have the lights on full time. We had a great time and fun was had by all. We were accompanied by Jarren from the 3 South Wing and he knew how to play Ultimate Frisbee better than most of us. Unfortunately, pictures would have just been really dark and not worked out so we did not take one. hqdefault


Homecoming Reverse Water Tug

On Wednesday the 11th of Homecoming Week, Reverse Water Tug took place in the pool at the P.A.C. This competition was had by tying two canoes together and then paddling opposite ways to get the other team pulled across the line so we could win. Brockert had two teams, and both one at least pull. But after team 2 lost, the first team went the rest of the time. They ran the table from the losing bracket and pulled themselves all the way into the championship bracket. Unfortunately they lost, but we still placed second so I would consider it a success!

Homecoming Tug of War

On Tuesday the 10th of October, Solomon, Scott, and Josh went and participated in the Mud Tug of War competition for Brockert Hall. They gave it their best, winning the first game but then losing the last two games and falling out of the bracket. Regardless, fun was had by all and we all got messy!


of fun.

Movie Night

The night of October 6th, Brockert 1 South had a movie night in my room. We first went to GWAM and got treats such as Sour Patch Kids and Freal’s. We decided since everyone had exam’s this week we would watch a movie with a lighter tone to help everyone feel better. Thus we chose the cult classic, Hot Rod. Hot Rod is about a failing stuntman trying to find his way in society while staying true to who he is while also living up to his step-dad and trying to prove his worth. While the movie has some hilarious slap stick comedy, it has very serious undertones. Overall it was a success. mv5bnjywnja3oty0nl5bml5banbnxkftztcwndmynduzmw-_v1_uy1200_cr8906301200_al_

Halloween Bulletin Board

Now that it is October, Halloween is just around the corner. Thus we now have a bulletin board full of fun facts about Halloween. For instance did you know that Harry Houdini, one of the most mysterious magicians died on Halloween night? Very creepy. Find this fact and other fun facts on the bulletin board outside of the bathroom by room 111. IMG_2341[1]

Pumpkin Door Decs

With the start of October and the many festivities that happen within this month. We have pumpkin Door Decorations to help us remember what room we are in. They are not Jack O Lanterns because that is specific to the whole Halloween vibe. The regular pumpkins are more representative to fall as a whole. IMG_2340[1]

Ares Door Decs

Because Brockert’s opening theme was Greek Gods, 1 south was themed Ares. Thus we have door decorations to resemble our man. The paint isn’t in exact lines to show as though the helmet is battle-worn. IMG_2330[1]

How to tie a tie!

With the career fair coming this week, I thought it would be a good idea to make sure 1 South is aware of how to dress proper and professional. One of the most often confusing parts about dressing up is putting a tie on and tying it the correct way. That is why this bulletin board shows us how to tie a bow tie, a Windsor knot, and a regular tie. IMG_2331[1]

Circle Olympics Basketball

1 South showed up and showed out at the 2017 Circle Olympics basketball games. We composed half of the two teams, Brockert 1 and Brockert 2. The Brockert 1 team went undefeated and didn’t even let Hugunin’s team score more than 4 points against them. And the Brockert 2 team took third place, but didn’t go down without a fight, losing only one of their three games.

Who/Where is everyone?

The bulletin board across from room 117 is about the residents of 1 South. The board is made to resemble the floor plan layout of our wing. And then each room is labelled with the correct room number. Each resident was given an information sheet to fill out, asking them questions such as: What is their favorite color? What is an interesting fact about them? What year of school are they in? What is their favorite movie? If you would like to know what you have in common with the rest of your wing just look on our bulletin board!IMG_2332[1]